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What we did
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • NextJS development
  • Maintenance and Support
Why we are proud of this

Moonlight Cinema is one of the largest outdoor cinema companies in Australia. Every summer they position themselves in prime positions (usually parks) in the biggest cinemas and give customers an amazing outdoor cinema experience with the latest movies on offer!

Rock Solid designed and developed this new website for Moonlight, which uses WordPress as the back-end and a bespoke NextJS front-end (for the techies: a Headless setup!). The site loads blindingly fast for the end users and is still easy to manage for the client using a familiar WordPress back-end.

Key features

Interactive program and ticketing page

The customers can quickly find the movie / session they’re looking for and then proceed to booking the tickets

A mobile-app like experience

By using NextJS for the front-end the site behaves almost like a mobile app, which was one of the requirements prior to designing the site. Most of the user sessions to the site are on mobile

WordPress back-end to create new pages

The client has flexibility in the back-end to create new pages / content which is synced to the front-end in near real-time

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