WordPress development

We have a solid track-record of building high-performing websites on WordPress. We use a modern framework called Roots to structure our codebase. We’re the type of company that cringes when they see a sidebar full of bloated plugins, page builders and notifications in the WP Dashboard. We prefer to keep things clean, fast loading and above all a great user experience for both the user as well as the administrator.

We also use static JS front-end in combination with a “headless” WordPress back-end. In fact, you’re looking at one right now!

Mobile App development

Using modern frameworks such as Angular, React and Ionic we build state-of-the-art mobile apps that are used by thousands of users. Just take a look at our case study for the Event Cinemas App.

UX & Web Design

Crafting the best, easiest or sometimes novel UX is what gets us excited about a new project. When we start a new project from scratch we create very specific wireframes and user flows to map out the website or app we’re creating.

Then our designers apply a modern, slick coating on top to make it stand out. Alternatively, if we get hired just for development we still think with you on design and UX, and not blindly implement without thought.

As an example, our team created the UX and design for 2 highly visited websites in Australia: and, which were both praised by our client and customers are very easy to use.


More and more websites use animation as a way to stand out and to quickly bring your story across. We can help with crafting unique animations using SVG, CSS and other techniques. This is demonstrated for instance, on the website we created for Peak Re. See case study here

Hosting & Maintenance

We have strong experience in managing hosting for your website as well. Our DevOps engineers can set up a custom infrastructure in AWS, essentially taking care of the full development and delivery process.

Next to this we also take care of ongoing maintenance of your website once we delivered it; making sure WordPress and related plugins are kept up to date, fixing bugs, etc.