This is Rock Solid

A Premium WordPress & App Dev Studio



WordPress dev

We specialise in building custom WP themes


Mobile App dev

We build & maintain high performing mobile apps


UX & Web Design

Our core focus in anything we do is User Experience.



We create high quality animations for the web.


Hosting & Maintenance

Our preferred platform is AWS, we can setup/support your infrastructure.



WP Mobile Pack

The team at Rock Solid runs WordPress Mobile Pack, this is a mobile plugin that helps transform your WordPress-based content into a progressive web application (PWA). It comes with multiple mobile app themes and extensions that can be purchased individually or as a bundle. You can find the FREE version of WordPress Mobile Pack on WordPress.org

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We're based in sunny Manila, Philippines 🇵🇭

Even though our HQ is in Manila, we have a mostly distributed team of around 12 people at the moment (Oct 2019)

We like to think we're a great digital partner for your business, we value good work and getting things done together. We're happy to put you in touch with our existing clients!

We charge on a project-basis based on estimated hours we think a project will take. Our maintenance contracts work the same way, with set number of hours per month

If it comes to websites we solely use WordPress as the CMS, however the front-end can vary. We either use (and love) this theme for PHP based sites, but we're doing more and more headless based sites (including the one you're looking at now) with a React front-end.

For mobile apps, we use Ionic

Do you even need to ask that question? 🍏

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Sure, we're always looking for talented folks to join our team! Just send us a message at careers@rocksoliddigital.com

You're probably right, but we're busy doing actual work ya know? But that's not to say we won't have one in the future!